Can't someone else do this?

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

My father speaks in a gentle tone.

Riding in a Ferris wheel is my favorite thing to do.

I'm a twelve-year-old girl.

It certainly looks that way.

New opportunities are opening up to you.


She is my muse.


We will all die, some quickly, others will take their time.


Do you really think that's fair?


Pilar tried to be neighborly.

The Miller tried yet other ways to get rid of Johnny, but try as he might, Johnny couldn't be outsmarted.

Nanda seems so nice.

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We think it is very dangerous that you're climbing the mountain alone.


I've spent most of my life here in Boston.

I can't pay you today.

I'll have Edwin look at it.

Who's thirsty?

We think we've got that fixed.

That's a man's job.

That fact is of great importance from the viewpoint of science.

Are you booked for tomorrow?

He fixed his eyes on her.

I can't believe we're really married.

Everything smells so delicious.

Last time it was a natural childbirth.

I thought you were joking.

Every successful repetition spoke favorably for the quality of the first test.

I'd like you to give me that.

They have improved their results

They are to hold a party tonight.

I suspected that he was telling a lie, but that didn't surprise me.

I think you'll find everything in order.

Rivulets of rainwater ran down the roof.

Most students agree with the proposal, and made a list of arguments in favour of it.

Hey, you! Come here.

Try to be playful when you write sentences, as this forum isn't an office!


A soldier is an anachronism of which we must get rid.

The student was given a three day suspension.

I didn't know you two were friends.

She's got the point.

They were anxious I would help them.


This tall man is Mr Smith.

It is OK for me to use that?

The people rejected the constitution.

I assembled it.

It's not gonna be fine!


We all want to be happy.

You must not sit up late.

Can you find the time to play with our daughter?


I'm resting my legs.

She found a big trash can in the basement.

Having waited for three quarters of an hour at the doctor's, Izumi got more and more impatient.


My name is not Shyam!

My wife harbors a deep-seated resentment toward her father.

I'm going to miss her.

I'm glad I'm still living here.

The matter will be brought up at the next meeting.


Keep speaking, because you speak well.

I live in Australia.

The timing was perfect.

I cannot wait for the bus. It's late.

We had to drive slowly all the way.

You're the only one who didn't understand the irony of what I said.

Someone crashed into me on my way home yesterday.

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He barely said a word.

A name is sound and mist.

"I can't find Jong." "Try ringing him."


They only wanted to ask me a few questions.

We needed a win.

Once in a while he tells strange things.


Myron's kind nature quickly won her the friendship of her classmates.

Let's say that you're right.

After getting out of the shower, Shaw wiped the fog off the mirror and shaved.


I couldn't do otherwise.

Barry won't even know I'm there.

To our amusement, the curtain began to rise ahead of time.

His hands had turned blue because of the cold.

Johnny moved to Spain just a few months ago, so he isn't used to speaking Spanish as yet.

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Is her father a doctor?


Everyone's relieved.

Nils certainly has a temper.

You don't want to be late.

Cynthia is sitting in front of the TV.

You didn't tell him, did you?


I purchased a new car last year.

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I'm going to invest money in this business.


Do a barrel roll.

I've lost hope.

Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?

There's no point in worrying about it now.

That's absurd!

Bending the cable too tightly can also adversely affect signal quality.

Tad forgot to wear a hat.

Shakespeare is too hard to read.

His lack of self-awareness was sublime. That could be either endearing or maddening.

I can't exactly tell him that.

I can't see him.

I saw her tonight.

Cathrin doesn't like looking in the mirror.

When the jet flew over the building the windowpanes rattled.

Having broken the mirror, Roksolana grew worried: she believed in omens, and a broken mirror promised her seven unhappy years.


The international situation had become so tense, it would require proficient diplomats to handle it with kid gloves.


Are you always this quiet?

I would never hurt Pam.

Taxi fares will go up next month.

I let her catch me.

I need Mark alive.

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This dog barks a lot.

How did you kill the cockroach?

They have left the car on that street.

I thought you'd be kind of surprised.

The sun of the east shall rise in the west.

I love my mom.

I'm not very good at remembering names.

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Was that weird for you?

Lower your weapon, Sho.

Nobody likes losing.

Aiding and abetting the enemy is considered treason.

He refused my offer to drive him home.


The president said, "I don't give a damn."

Where do you have to be?

I thought you guys might like to come with us.

The project isn't going well.

You'd better be kidding.

Somebody wanted to scare you.

You don't look anything like I'd imagined you would.

I have a son, who works for a trading company.

Don't you think it's rude to give people such a curt reply like that?

Harv had a lot of enthusiasm.

I'll write to you or I'll phone you next week.


Bring your tools with you tomorrow.

Vincenzo isn't available at the moment.

The sheep bleats.


Sergio let out a few words in French.

An ambulance arrived immediately.

She is always complaining about something or other.

Hugh isn't the marrying type.

Russ can't believe what he's just done.


I wonder if Mr. Oka will teach English.


Better to be alone than in bad company.

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They know we're cops.

Atheism isn't a religious belief.

The water is in the bottle.

Pratt was born in the winter.

Tell her what you want.


Your sweater is inside out.


That's up to you.

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I'll take care of it tomorrow.

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Did someone tell you that you couldn't be here?

In Hungary they speak Hungarian.

Does your wife have a passport?


Laura will notify us if that happens.


The bedouins were nomads.

You look better in this dress.

He began to feel afraid.


Jules Verne's novels nearly gave the news from the future.

Under the circumstances we have no choice but to surrender.

2015 is the year of the wood goat.

It was all he could do not to laugh.

As all letters have the letter A for their first, so the world has the eternal God for its first.